Inventory of erosion monitoring actions and networking

Networking and developing actions to monitor coastal erosion in the Caribbean.

Developing observatories

This action aim to carry out an inventory of all erosion monitoring approaches in the Caribbean, share practices and define common protocols. It will also involve strengthening existing observatories and carrying out on-site experiments to evaluate the ecological services offered by natural environments in terms of protection against coastal hazards.

Sharing of practices and definition of a common protocol

Existing monitoring practices and coastal monitoring needs in the Caribbean territories will be analysed. This action aim to propose a common data acquisition strategy. This strategy will be based on experiences in the different participating countries.

Pilot sites

In each of the participating territories, pilot sites will be identified to reinforce or initiate coastal monitoring. On these sites, the common monitoring strategy will be implemented in order to obtain common indicators of the state of the coastline.

The objectives of these pilot observatories will be to better characterize coastal processes in terms of coastline dynamics and to assess the efficiency of erosion mitigation techniques using natural ecosystems on representative sites, so as to promote relevant management strategies adapted to the specificities of the Caribbean islands.