Project deliverables

Access to the Coastal Vulnerability Platform

Find the cartographic platform of the state of health of the vulnerability of the coast in the Caribbean states

Access to the cartographic platform

Access to the hydrodynamic modeling platform

En savoir plus sur la plateforme hydrodynamique

Other delivrables

Seasonal and Episodic Runup Variability on a Caribbean Reef-Lined Beach, Laigre et al., 2023. journal of Geophysical Research

JGR Website

Total Water Level Mitigation Related to Fringing Reef and Upperbeach Vegetation Status at a Hurricane Exposed Coast – Laigre et al., 2023, JMSE

JMSE Website

Seasonal to Multi-Decadal Shoreline Change on a Reef-Fringed Beach – Laigre et al., 2023. Coasts

Coasts Website