WP2 – Coastal hydrodynamics

State of the art of hydrodynamics, observations and modelling

Observation and modelling of coastal hydrodynamics

The implementation of a hydrodynamics modelling platform based on a Caribbean measurement network, for the simulation of current and future hazards.

hydrodynamics knowledge

Knowledge assessment
This component, operated by IRD, IFREMER and BRGM, aims to assess and provide feedback on general knowledge, observation networks and hydrodynamic modelling platforms in the Caribbean zone and for the different members of the network. Assessing additional needs
It will also seek to identify additional acquisition and [...]
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Observations and modeling

Refine data and measurements in priority areas
This task is being carried out by IFREMER, BRGM and extra-community partners (University of the West Indies Trinidad & Tobago, CARICOOS, MonaGis) and will refine the data in the priority measurement areas, duration and key parameters to be observed. Measurement campaigns are planned in [...]
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