Launch of pilot sites in the race to preserve the marine ecosystems of the Caribbean

Launch of pilot sites in the race to preserve the marine ecosystems of the Caribbean

Mangroves, seagrass beds and corals reefs are real treasures of the Caribbean. They host a rich and
diverse flora and fauna, contribute to the economic activity of local populations and … allow those
confined in urbanized cities to dream on! The Carib-Coast project is interested in these tropical
ecosystems, which are true ramparts against climate change damages.

SPAW-RAC is one of the partners of the CARIB-COAST project. The Regional Activity Center for the
Protocol Concerning Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife in the Wider Caribbean Region (SPAW),
carries out many activities and seeks, in particular, to set up 3 pilot sites in the Caribbean, for the
purposes of restoration and / or protection of marine ecosystems such as mangroves, coral reefs and
seagrass beds.

A better understanding for a better protection

Drawing inspiration from successes and learning from failures, is what SPAW-RAC has endeavored to
do by trying to understand which are the practices, both the most effective and the most relevant, in
terms of restoration and protection of marine ecosystems in the Caribbean. An important research work
allowed to obtain a global vision of what can be put in place to maximize the success of an operation
aiming to preserve marine ecosystems.

As part of a restoration action, it can, for instance, be highlighted that corals are more resistant when they have been restored using a technique allowing significant genetic mixing. This work also found that there is still too little information about seagrass beds, compared to the literature on mangroves and coral reefs. All of this information has been compiled in summaries, one per ecosystem, which will soon be put online and which now serve as a
basis for the set up of pilot sites.

Pilot sites: ready to take off!

SPAW-RAC encourages any Caribbean organization, capable of implementing actions to restore and /
or protect these marine ecosystems, to learn about these procurement contracts and not to hesitate
responding to them. You can find these public contracts in detail as they are published on the RACSPAW

The first contract, already published, finances a 40,000 € coral restoration operation, but is limited to applications from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Puerto Rico.

The second public market targets a € 30,000 mangroves’ restoration action and the third one a € 20,000 operation on seagrass beds’ protection. They are both open to applications from all Caribbean territories. the restoration of mangroves public contract ‘s is open until May 30 and the market for seagrass beds will be released soon

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