CARICOOS is the observing branch of the Caribbean Regional Association for Integrated Coastal Ocean Observations (CaRA) This effort, funded by NOAA’s IOOS office, is one of eleven coastal observing systems and regional associations that, along with federal agencies, make up the national coastal component of the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System.

CARICOOS operates an observing network that includes data from buoys, coastal weather stations, ships, instruments, and radars. Data from these assets and value-added data products such as graphs and maps are provided free of charge to the general public at This web page brings together coastal ocean data and forecasts from a variety of sources, including satellites, ocean instruments and numerical models, to provide the user with an integrated view of past and present conditions in the Caribbean region.

The CARIB-COAST project, with its objectives of monitoring hydrodynamics and numerical modelling of three-dimensional ocean circulation, provides CARICOOS with an unprecedented opportunity for collaboration and improvement of existing tools.