During the Carib-Coast project, various communication products were developed to raise awareness on the importance of preserving Caribbean marine ecosystems (e.g. corals, mangroves, seagrass beds and upper beach vegetation) to limit the effects of climate change such as coastal erosion.

Awareness-raising posters

Made by SPAW-RAC and ONF (Credit: Julia Bos)

Coral Reefs

Versions English / French / Spanish

Seagrass Bed

Versions English / French / Spanish

Backshore Vegetation

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Versions English / French / Spanish


Versions English / French / Spanish


Versions English / French / Spanish

Shorts videos

Made by SPAW-RAC

Introduction to the Project

Interactions between coastal and marine ecosystems

Individual actions : making a change for Caribbean ecosystems

Marine ecosystems under threat in the Caribbean

Coral reefs : what kind of services do they provide?

Corals: Solutions to improve coral reefs situation do exist ! 

Seagrass beds : solutions to protect them do exist

Mangroves in the Caribbean: its incredible functions and services

Mangrove in the Caribbean : any solutions to protect this ecosystem?

Upper-beach vegetation – characteristics

Upper beach vegetation – natural threats

Upper beach vegetation – human threats

Upper Beach Vegetation – Solutions